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Welcome to Nazareth Children’s Home

swing Nazareth Children's Home was founded by the Rev. and Mrs. J.M.L. Lyerly in 1903 as an orphanage and officially opened its doors to children in 1906.  For many years, Nazareth Children's Home provided care for disadvantaged or orphaned children as a traditional orphanage.  Children who were admitted to Nazareth remained indefinitely, leaving only when they had completed school or reached adulthood.

The concept of modern day child-care has changed considerably in recent years with less emphasis being placed on long-term institutional care.  Presently, Nazareth serves as a private childcare agency that provides specialized services to both children and their families.

Our mission is twofold… first to bring love, stability and guidance to the children who come to us for help, and secondly to reunite these children with their families whenever possible.  We offer a complete continuum of care for our children, providing for every need.

At Nazareth, young lives are being changed each day, for the better, and frowns are being turned upside down.  Thank you for your interest in our Home, and in our children’s lives.

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